Caffeinated Musings

Hello! I'm an analyst/developer/rpg nerd and this is my personal website, powered by node.js (using pug), hosted by Heroku. Sometimes I write about the stuff I'm into right now, especially the stuff that doesn't have a lot of documentation. Lately I've been into Matter.JS (the javascript physics library), building game pc's, and using python to gamify habit change. Oh, and OverTheWire challenges.

Stuff I Wrote

09/09/2019: Matter.JS - An Overview
10/31/2019: My Gaming Rig
05/04/2020: Interlaced Spiral Cipher
12/11/2020: !!! NEW !!! My Python 3 CodeForces Tester
TBD: IN PROGRESS: Intro to x86 Reversing
TBD: IN PROGRESS: My Raspberry Pi 4 Trojan