Python 3 CodeForces Tester

For those of you who like to do Codeforces puzzles, you know that (a) it's a lot of fun but (b) it is a PAIN. IN. THE. ASS to run your code, wait for the results, only to get failure message after failure message.

Well, if you write solutions in python 3 you're in luck (for everyone else, sorry, haven't expanded it yet). I wrote a little script that scrapes the test inputs/outputs from the Codeforces site, pipe them into a subprocess (your code) via STDIN using a temporary file, and compares your output to that of the site. Just put the file in the same folder as the code your testing, name your file test_code (or change the name in the script), and run it! I might expand this to other languages and add a GUI at some point. Might not though. No promises.

Still need to update for case sensitivity since it's case sensitive but Codeforces isn't, but it's a good rough estimator (working on accounting for this!). Hope it makes things easier, any suggestions shoot me an email!

Github Link